This weekend: Performance Sunday 18th May / 2-4pm

Performances from writers Deborah Tyler Bennett and Gary Goodman. Music from Rob Abbott and The Sound of Antler. 

All will take place in our garden so please get here early and claim your tea, cake and a nice spot.
Deborah Tyler Bennett has been a regular with AT Open House and works as a poet for many national galleries and museums, including workshops for the Science Museum, the National Gallery, the Collection, the Usher Gallery, once being resident poet for Sussex Day at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. 
Gary Goodman is a painter and poet. His imagery is resoundingly direct, unbothered by artistic self-consciousness and politeness; unrefined, unmannerly yet sensitive. He simply wishes to say ‘hello’ to the world as it passes him by. Come and say hello for his second appearance with AT.
Following the wonderful afternoon of music from Hamilton Yarns in 2013, two of the members return as The Sound of Antler. Joceline Colvert, Accordionist, Casio keyboard player and community radio enthusiast. With Alistair Strachan. Joceline founded The Sound of Antler originally to create a home for her accordion playing to exist in that she had not yet found. Alistair plays the cornet and can be regularly spotted at experimental and folk gigs in Brighton playing flugelhorn, electronics and percussion.
Rob Abbott has been playing gigs since 1986. He played bass in prog rock band Stone Cold for 12 years (1988-2000) before fronting his own band The Snips who were active for 4 years up until 2008. Rob is currently writing and recording and playing solo shows and this will be his first appearance in the AT garden.

Open as usual 11-6pm on Saturday and we will see you on Sunday for the performances!

Setting up…

A lovely Easter Sunday spent setting up the open house with visits from Judith (Delicious Industries), Jam & Ali (helloDODO) and Rhys Trussler - it's all taking shape for opening in May!

Judith's done a fantastic drawing on our kitchen blackboard, too! We can't wait for the cakes...

Becky Blair - interview on Little Brown Rabbit

We're really excited to be showing Becky Blair's work as part of our open house this year! You can read a lovely interview with her on The Little Brown Rabbit blog.

Some xmas treats

We're taking a little break for xmas (don't worry - we'll be running out open house in May) - but in case you're feeling left out in the cold, we thought we'd share some of the great stuff that some of our past artists and friends are up to:

Craftaganza at Fabrica (30 Nov/1 Dec and 7/8 Dec) is featuring Nathan James Page, helloDODO and Darren Baldwin (and some fantasic other artists of course!)



You can also pick up some great (and rather rude) xmas cards from Nathan James Page's web shop


... and helloDODO's cards can be grabbed from their Etsy Shop


Snorkus will be taking part in art Junky on 7/8 December


And we're really looking forward to going around some of the xmas Open Houses of course!

Last weekend!

Wow - that went fast! So we're just setting up for our final open house weekend - it's been a great few weeks so far and we're really looking forward to seeing some more lovely people here at number 42! To get you warmed up, here are a few more teasers of what we've got on show...

If you haven't got down yet, this will be your last chance to have your fortune told by Mark Pavey's amazing machine - place your palm on the machine and turn the crank to receive a print imparting wisdom and fortune. The prints themselves are rather handsome, too!

Delicious Industries' prints have been making us smile every time we walk through the door:

And their notepads are great too:


Claire Scully's work has been going down a storm, too. There's such amazing detail in each of the prints - after being spoiled living with them for a few weeks, we're now struggling to decide which one to buy for ourselves!


We've had quite a few people cooing over this lovely print by Petting Zoo Prints and Collectables:



You'll have seen the amazing Perspex skulls by Curly Mark in a few other posts - but take a look at his beautiful screenprinted feather skull - the gold ink is really something!



And carrying on what's turned out to be a bit of a theme, James Sawyer's icons and shrines have brought some glamour and glitter to the kitchen




Snorkus's soft toys and feline prints are proving to be favourites once again - these owls and pussycats are looking for a new home:


Mr Wingate's Big Ben clock is looking rather handsome at the top of the stairs


I'm running out of superlatives, but Natalie Martin's atmospheric pencil drawings are really special:

The helloDODO prints have been super-popular this year - you can see why!


Alice's prints are always a joy to have on display:


And we've had some lovely people in the garden, too!

Look forward to seeing you for the last weekend!!

Hamilton Yarns, Gary Goodman and Deborah Tyler Bennett

We were in for a real treat on our first Sunday, with some teriffic performances from Deborah Tyler Bennett, Hamilton Yarns and Gary Goodman - and even some sun!

Deborah Tyler Bennett, looking glamorous as ever, read poems telling tales of Brighton eccentrics and Regency dandies, later returning to read from 'Turned Out Nice Again' her upcoming book of short stories inspired by characters from the Music Hall tradition.

We were lucky enough to have music from Hamilton Yarns, too - three members of the band performed a magical set that put a beaming smile on everyone's face. If you haven't heard them before, please check them out at - we picked up an LP from them and it's been a firm favourite on the record player ever since.

Gary Goodman then read some of his brilliant, wry and rude poems - keep an eye out for his future gigs - not to be missed!

Sneak Peek - setting up

Unpacking some very exciting things in store this year - here's a sneak peek at some of the things in store...

James draws our blackboard

It's turned into a bit of a tradition that one of our artist draws our chalkboard each year. This time James Sawyer has brought his mexican-inspired skills to create a fantastic skull-filled flaming-heart board. The whole kitchen seems to have a mexican theme this year!

Delicious Industries xmas cards coming this way!

Exciting... not long now!

AT and Lou Taylor featured in

Ooh - a lovely mention of Lou's fantastic papercuts in Vintage Brighton's Open House roundup  - looking forward to seeing this Harper's Bazaar piece close up; she's a wonder with a scalpel!

Christmas Open House catalogue

We've just picked up the catalogues for the Christmas Open Houses and wow - there's some great stuff going on! We're number 50 on the trail - be sure to pay us a visit!

You can see the catalogue in an interactive pdf thing or visit the AOH website

Alice Pattullo @ Wem Town Hall

October 27th – December 22nd 2012

Wem Town Hall, 28 - 32 High Street, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5DG.

Performance Sunday!

On Sunday 27th May
AT welcomes you to Performance Sunday!

Performances at 3pm and 4pm.

Last year's sunny garden-based event was so well received that we simply had to ask poets Lonny Pop and Deborah Tyler Bennett and artist Josephine Dimbleby to join us again.

Deborah Tyler-Bennett is a widely published poet who weaves overheard conversations, historical detail and eccentric characters in her wry depictions of the English dandy, faded glamour, princely excess and dirty stop-outs.

Gonzo Poet Lonny Pop brings colour, joy, mythology and mischief to her poems and stories. Lonny is a member of local writing and performing group Rattle Tales and will be reading a piece from the new anthology

Performance artist Josephine Dimbleby has never failed to surprise with her inhabited sculptures. She works with ideas of constraint and release, often with time-based processes and an interactive element.

The first performance will be at 3pm and the second at 4pm, so arrive early to get a good seat, tea and cake. You can stay for one, or both.

Lovely writeup on Digital Bungalow

We're great fans of Digital Bungalow, purveyors of all things lovely - and fine fellows, too. So we were thrilled to see a writeup of our open house on their blog, along with some rather fantastic photographs. Finally something to do those cakes justice!

They recommend visiting us for the final weekend. You probably should take their advice. What with their impeccable taste and all.

Read their super post here

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Good luck to all the @artistshouses opening today. We will be coming to see you! And @atopenhouse will be back next year!!
@iamacrylic @artistshouses @mrwingatelondon @designosaur Lovely post! Will miss running an open house this year but will be back!
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