Welcome mat

On Sunday, our friend Beatty Hallas was a welcome mat of sorts. Beatty is an artist who is interested in 'public affirmations' - ways people interact, respond, make things better - how they look after one another. For the open house, she stood like a sentry in our doorway, welcoming people. Nothing more, nothing less, and let interactions and conversations happen naturally. More information about Beatty can be found at www.beattyhallas.co.uk and be sure to pick up or download one of her leaflets about alternative/contemporary habitation - it's a really interesting read!


Notes on Welcome Mat, 20 May 2012

I began slightly tentatively, hands clasped and standing on the doormat outside the front door. My feet began automatically to rock up onto the toes and back down flat, as I had seen policeman do. This was as much about keeping my feet warm as settling into a stance and rhythm of biding my time. As the day went on I became more confident in my position, more upbeat and alert to the dynamics of arrivals.

The weather was much colder than I thought it would be. A chilly wind gusted around me. I had to leave my post several times to get hot tea and jump up and down. I felt lacking in my preparations.

I realised as time went on that my role was to be poised, with the emphasis on waiting for someone to arrive. Someone to receive my greeting. I could see reflections in a car in front which gave indications that they were coming. I had to focus and be receptive.

I thought of the all the jobs I have had that have involved this 'greeter' element. The duality of being vulnerable in needing someone else to complete the exchange, and the upper hand of being the initiator of a new relationship.

On arrival visitors were often stopped in their tracks. I stood face-on at the top of five steps in an alcove-like porch. It was a surprise to be met like this on a domestic street. They smiled on being welcomed, a mood of warmth was established on going into the house. They replied with 'thank you' or even 'you've been so kind already'. I turned sideways to let them enter the narrowed doorway and this prompted further interchanges as we brushed shoulders in close quarters.

If they asked if I had work in the house I said no, but passed them on to the homeowners. They were curious why I was there if I didn't have work in the house. I let this remain a question in their minds without being confrontational.

The six hours passed quickly. The porch felt like a sentry box, with a limited view. Neighbours passed back and forth, kids on scooters and cars reversing up the street. As people left I was the final point of farewell.

Lou Taylor Papercutting Workshops

Inspired by Lou's amazing work? You can learn techniques from the artist herself at her workshop at Super+Super

Over 3 weeks, Lou will introduce you to the delicate and endlessly imaginative uses of paper, including some of her favourite paper artists such as Mary Delaney, Mr Snippy, Zim & Zou and Fred Butler.

Lou will introduce you to the basics of papercutting, learning how to (safely!) use a Swann and Morton blade, your imagination and bright paper to create striking images and illustrations.ou to the techniques of paperweaving and how to make your papercuts take on 3D forms.

Papercuts can be used in any illustrative field from music and fashion to editorial and book design. They’re also wonderful way to create miniature works of art.

Duration: 3 weeks

June 10th

June 17th

June 24th

Timing: Sundays 2.30pm — 4.30pm

Cost: £85 (will include Swann Morton handle with blades and a steel ruler).

Student concession £80

NB: Due to sharp blades, this course is only for the over-16s.

More info here

Mid-term report

Goodness me, we've just finished our second weekend! With barely time to breathe, the ol' blog's been neglected - so here's a quick update on how it's all been going:

Week 1
Horrid weather! Friendly people! Great work! Fun! Cake!

Week 2
Lovely weather! Friendly people! Great work! Fun! Cake!

The future can't be told. But hopefully the important stuff will stay the same regardless of the weather.

Did you say you wanted pictures? Thank goodness:

Our living room with silver rings by Winsome and Saucy, paintings by Natalie Martin and Cushions by Mr. Wingate

Some lovely single-colur screen prints by Petting Zoo Prints and Collectables and one of Alice Pattullo's wonderful screen prints



Knitwear by Winsome and Saucy, and a Smörgåsbord of skulls, badges and comics from various talented artists showing here

Shona Macdonald took this shot and a few of the above. Birds courtesy of the achingly talented Snorkus, Knitwear by Winsome and Saucy and bags by Love Hove

Delicious Industries not only creates beautiful Letterpress wares but also makes some irresistably delectable cakes. Mark Pavey's inspirational Manifesto print in the background.

Alice Pattullo's Alphabet of Superstitions prints on our old school desk - B for Bees...E for the Evil Eye...Z for Zodiac!

Intricate papercuts by Lou Taylor and Shona Macdonald's photography

Smaller wonders on our sales desk - Carlos Garde-Martin's great Starry-eyed skull keeps making me smile!

Some more eclectic prints and cards

Mark Pavey kindly did some impromptu chalk writing for our blackboard

The blueberry cake was delicious! So was the chocolate cake. And the ginger loaf... I'm noticing a pattern.

Erin's work 'Blackened' sits so well atop the stairs

...and Rhys Trussler has actually painted our stairway!

Snorkus's cats are just waiting to be taken home - come meet them next week!

Jeffrey Lewis comics

Wow - we just got a great parcel of delight from New York! We're big fans of Jeffrey Lewis, a mosquito-murdering musician & comic book artist; at a gig we came across his mind-bending FUFF comic and thought it would be great to have some at the open house. Mostly so we could read more! Lovely chap that he is, he's obliged us with some signed copies which will be going for a steal, so get down quick!

Jeffrey Lewis

Delicious Industry cards

The ever-fantastic Delicious Industries just tweeted pics of some cards that will be gracing our shelves in May!

AT Open House 2012 - Mr. Wingate

Mr. Wingate was set up in 2006 as a printed T shirt Label by textile graduate Sam Wingate.

Initially selling from a market stall on Brick Lane, where I first met him in 2007, Mr Wingate soon built up a base of stockists and the collection has expanded to include a range of homewares.  All of which are still hand printed in Mr Wingate's East London studio. 

Last year, he teamed up with fellow print maker and textile designer James Brown to hold print work shops under the banner of Stark, Wingate and Brown.

Visit Sam's website here or purchase his wares at Selfridges where he was welcome with open arms in 2011 or, of couse, here with AT Open House throughout May.

AT Open House 2012 - Alice Pattullo

Ms. Pattullo has been a very busy lady over that last few months. She has been featured in magazines, has appeared on Elle Decoration online, and she is currently showing at Cecil Sharp House with the English Folk Dance and Song Society where she illustrated all their print material for the coming seasons events. Next stop AT Open House!!

We are sad to loose her to London, as her recent move there somewhat deprives Brighton of a star of an artist, who draws inspiration from superstitions and traditions, circuses and remedies, kitsch and quirk. 

We are very happy to have Alice join us again this year with screen prints, printed softies, small press and cards, and she makes a mean lemon cake!

AT Open House 2012 - Snorkus

Snorkus was one of our stars last year (to be fair, we had many)!  She brought colour, fun, and and cute animals to AT, and was also brilliant when it came to letting you all know that we were here.

Playful and fun, her design background has been as diverse as the BBC to Nickelodeon TV.  

"Living here by the sea makes me think of travel and far away imagined lands, I like mooching around
flea markets, museums and looking at mid century design advertising for inspiration."

New fine art Giclée Prints, screen prints, greetings cards, stuffed owls and cats from Snorkus will be available this year.


AT Open House 2012 - Shona Macdonald

Over the next few days we will introduce this years contributers to AT Open House.

This is the first time we will be showing photography in AT. Shona Macdonald finds romance, humour and joy in everyday happenings. She lived in Brighton for several years until moving to Nottingham last year. In true nostalgic fashion for sunny days by the beach, her photographs  are of Brighton, taken during her time here. They are a great antidote to the current snowy weather.

Shona uses photography to document and share the things she respondes to, and 'collects' the images. Her job means travelling a lot and many nights spent in hotels, that tend to be the functional, business trip, one night type places.  Shona records each visit with a photograph of the tea tray in her room.  She also regularly featured The Argus headlines, but local news in Nottingham has yet to compete with stories such as 'Poodle holds key to murder'.

We look forward to seeing Shona's photography in May, but please, join our mailing list for updates. Do look out for our webshop, which is coming soon.


New year, new artists, new web shop!

Coming up, there will be a complete update of all our Open House activity and we will introduce you to the new contributors, and favourites from last year.

Give us a day or two, and we will keep you posted with our progress.

Happy 2012!

Alice at Cecil Sharp House

Since leaving University in 2010, Alice Pattullo has been illustrating her socks off to great success. Her work has graced many magazines, Open Houses, fashion brands and galleries both in Brighton and further afield. The themes she draws from include folklore, traditions and superstitions, always seen with a little humour and enjoyment of odd British pastimes.

I met with Alice on Monday at Cecil Sharp House in London. It houses the English Folk Dance and Song Society, and this pairing is perfect. They had asked Alice to illustrate the leaflets and timetables that keep their visitors up to date with what's going on. It is the 80 anniversary of the society, so Alice had a rich history of Pearly Queens, Morris Dancers and village fetes to be inspired by. This has led to a full exhibition of her prints, handmade books and interesting collectables including lucky rabbit's feet she has made for the show. There is a special edition anniversary print for the society, and all work is available to buy.

It officially opens tonight with a private view from 6.30-8.30 pm and the show runs until April.
Please RSVP for the opening [email protected]

If you don't get a chance to see Alice's exhibition, her next outing will be in AT Open House in May. http://www.atopenhouse.co.uk


Snorkus and Winsome & Saucy at the Art Junky Indoor Market


5th and 6th November 11-5pm Phoenix Studios Brighton

We know Christmas is a little while away yet but AT Open House Artists Snorkus (gorgeous prints of quirky animals) and Winsome & Saucy (cosy chunky knits) are taming up at Art Junky to get Christmas started.

Art Junky is a quirky indoor market that has become knows as the place to pick up unique and inspiring items. Just in time for Christmas, this is a great chance to pick up a fabulous bargain, whatever you're into!

You'll be able to browse amongst over 50 stalls of affordable items, and buy straight from the maker! We have a host of artists at the event, selling prints, illustration, painting, photography, sculpture and ceramics, as well as beautiful handmade crafts that make any house a home.

We also love the unique (and often bizarre) bric-a-brac and collectibles that are to be found at Art Junky. From vintage to contemporary wares, there really is something for everyone.

The Art Junky Cafe will be serving homemade food or treat yourself to some mulled wine to really get into the spirit!

We hope to see you there!



Sensational Sideshow Starlets - Up coming Amanda Fatherazi Exhibition

Sensational Sideshow Starlets is a solo exhibition by Amanda Fatherazi. It features a unique collection of her intricately made sensual boudoir dolls. The collections takes sideshow as inspiration and presents an ensemble of the beautiful and the wonderous, damned damsels and sinful sirens. 

Dolls include the Merwoman of the Deep, the Snake Charmstress of Persian, the Sinister Spider woman, artists of the trapeze and many more...

Luna & Curious 2 - 26 Calvert Avenue London E27JP  6th - 20th November


Pinky designs for Flip Skateboards

Psychedelic artist Pinky has just completed a range for Slip Skateboards. There are Live Fast six different designs, each evoking the personality for six skaters, plus a couple of T-shirts. 

You can see them http://flipskateboards.com/2011/10/pinkyvision-x-flip-video/  plus a video Pinky chatting about the gig.

We love!



Deborah Tyler Bennett - Revudeville Launch this weekend

This  Saturday is a busy one for AT Open House poets. If you aren't in Hull for HI Cool with Pinky and Lonny Pop, maybe you are near Nottingham?

Deborah Tyler-Bennett will be at the Lowdham Festival to launch her new book, Revudeville.

We got a sneak peak here in May, and are excited to tell you that Revudeville is now available.

Scroll down to see clips of her poetry readings here in May and below are the details of where you can find her this Saturday -

Lowdham Festival, and the Book Case, Lowdham, where Deborah will be able to sign copies. 
The Revudeville launch reading will be on Saturday 25 June at 3.30-4.15pm in Marquee 1 behind the village hall in Lowdham.

The Book Case 
50 Main Street
Lowdham, Nottingham NG14 7BE
0115 966 4143

@atopenhouse tweets:

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