Hi Cool! Pinky and Lonny Pop are on their way to Hull

HI COOL - An exhibition, artist's talk and new book from Pinky and Lonny Pop. Humber Haiku! 

The AT Open House pair are on their way to Hull to take part in the Humber Mouth Literature Festival. It promises to be a great event. To refresh your memory, scroll down to see Lonny in poetry action here in May and you can check out http://www.pinkyvision.com for lots of pics of Pinky's psychedelic artworks.

Opens Saturday 25th June 4.00pm at Hull Truck Theatre.


Performance Sunday Videos

We were fairly worried about the wind last Sunday. It was a grey start with rain, but by the time Performance Sunday got under way, things were much brighter.  The videos show the signs of carried sound and blown paper, but the little AT Open House walled garden sheltered our performers and held the sound for the audience. 

The first set was at 1pm followed by three more on the hour until 4pm. Deborah Tyler-Bennett and Lonny Pop found common inspiration in Brighton and it's history whilst members of Brighton group Rattle Tales brought short stories. 

Josephine Dimbleby added her unique art to the afternoon in a school suit.  She encouraged audience members to pop their heads into the costume, opposite her own face. This made for a claustrophobic conversation talking about school memories.

You can see photos from the day here http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157626805672840/

Performance day today!

The stage is set for a fantastic day of poetry and performance sculpture from 1pm. Come along!

Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Lonny Pop, Josephine Dimbleby and guests.

deborah tyler-bennettrevudevill by deborah tyler-bennett

Deborah Tyler-Bennett is a poet based in Loughborough where she teaches, writes and leads poetry events. As a regular visitor to Brighton for both work and pleasure, she is inspired by the characters she meets and observes. Her poems are always detailed, surprising and very funny.

lonny poplonny pop - pop don\'t stop

Gonzo poet, Lonny Pop lives right here in Brighton and is very sought after for performances of the poetry and prose she writes. She is a member of local group Rattle Tales and always brings an element of theatre to her sets.

Josephine Dimbleby

Josephine Dimbleby is a Brighton based artist who works with recycled junk and biodegradable materials to create inhabited and uninhabited suits. She has a busy Brighton festival, with a residency at Coachwerks, and has created something new and interactive for AT Open House.

There will be readings on the hour from 1 pm - 4pm in the garden, so drop in with time to make you tea and cake order.

Tea in the garden

Some AT Open House guests enjoying tea and artist made cake outside.

Follow the trail!

April was out at the crack of dawn, chalk in hand....


Wow, what a busy day!  Word must have gotten around! Beatty's wonderful 2-year-old son, Arthur, made my day by spotting our letters on the mantlepiece and uttering the golden word 'ampersand'! Ahhh, typographically-inclined parents...

April cooked up a storm with some wonderful cakes: a walnut and banana with caramel icing proved a favourite, and Beatty's fantastic chocolate semolina cake had people cooing with delight.

Snorkus (Michelle), Catherine and Beatty all did a great job today - time to head for a well-deserved sleep, ready for tomorrow's visitors. 12-6pm, folks!

Opening weekend pictures

Mr. Alan Fred Pipes came to visit AT Open House on Sunday and enjoyed some cake in the garden. He also took some pictures, and we hope he doesn't mind that we are sharing them here. (We exhausted our camera battery, so we can't get our photos into the computer until it's charged up!)

The first two days were sunny and busy, and the response has been really positive.  Carlos Garde-Martin did some drawing on the wall and Judith Delicious took charge with making tea with her amazing homemade cakes. Quite a few of our visitors took vintage items, prints, owls, books, tea towels and dogs home with them. Almost everyone had tea and cake in the tea shop, or found a sunny spot outside.

We are open again next Saturday from 12pm.

AT Open House in Brighton Argus

Friday 29th April had a number of significant events.  Not least was the Brighton Festival edition and their run down of exciting open houses. AT Open house featured right in the middle of the page with two of Pinky's pieces and lovely list of artists taking part.

Nearly there!

We're just about there! All our lovely artists have swung by, pitched in and pinned up and it's all looking rather exciting! Doors open tomorrow at noon!

Snorkus adds owls and cats to the house

Brighton based Snorkus has already shared her prints with us here, and we look forward to seeing them on the walls in May. To further tempt us with these creatures made vintage fabric find and big eyes! They will be on show in the ground floor kiosk, so you can't miss them!

Deborah Tyler- Bennett at Performance Sunday 22 May

At Open House is hosting a performance day on 22 May, and features, among others, poet Deborah Tyler-Bennett. 

Based in Loughborough where she teaches, writes and leads poetry events, Deborah is a lover of Brighton, a regular visitor for both work and pleasure. Like most of us, she loves the vintage finds here, but unlike the majority, you always see her dressed to the nines.

Inspired by Brighton, her collection of poems Pavilion (Smokestack Books) is a celebration of the English dandy, littered with complicated characters and observed scenes in Brighton's hotel lobbies and dimly lit streets. They are always detailed, surprising and very funny.

The picture is of the Pavilion launch at Castor & Pollux last May. You can read more about her at http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/  

Join us on 22 May on the hour from 1 - 4pm to hear Deborah. Each reading will be different if you wish to stay for the afternoon. All we need now is sunshine to go with your tea and cake!


Odds and Bobs Vintage Boudoir

Catherine and Louise (Odds and Bobs) have a talent for spotting amazing vintage finds and go to great lengths (Tunbridge Wells and St. Alburns) to find chic skirts, sassy shoes and scarves, gorgeous bags, kitchenalia, ephemera and costume jewellery. They also make their own purses and frocks from vintage fabrics, which they show at their own Vintage Fair, The Roving Bazaar in Peckham along with many other events.

Knowing how much Brighton loves a vintage bargain, we have offered them the spare room, now to be known as The Vintage Boudoir at 42 Hendon Street. It will be styled by set designer, Jane Wheeler and filled to the brim with the best retro treats. Expect an experience!

Catherine has sent us some pictures to whet your appetite! Click on the image to see more, and you can join their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000748802974

Jonny Hannah’s handmade books

We love Jonny Hannah's work, and will be putting quite a few framed prints away to clear our walls for the Open House.

Today, he emailed this as his theme for the books on the show. They will be called Magnificent Sevens, and I'm sure they will be Magnificent!!

Starting to get the house ready

We spent a couple of days last week painting the walls and ceilings in preparation for AT.

Thanks to Rhys Trussler for lending his painting expertise!

Carlos Grande- Martin, badges, books and prints

Carlos Grande-Martin is a Brighton based illustrator who cross our paths one day, and we asked if he'd like to join AT. 

Describing himself as an illustrator for hire, Carlos has worked for a diverse range of clients, some of these include Digital Artist magazine, Nixon McInnes, Spindle Magazine, Storm CP, Madame Geisha bar, and Craft Guerilla. He creates his own reality trough drawing diverse and colourful landscapes and creatures. Most of them look friendly.

AT will have a paper products type shop downstairs next to the vintage tea shop, and the small garden, so if you'd like to see his books, badges or prints pop by for a cuppa, a piece of cake, and a chat.


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