AT and Lou Taylor featured in

  • Lou Taylor Harper's Bazaar cover

Ooh - a lovely mention of Lou's fantastic papercuts in Vintage Brighton's Open House roundup  - looking forward to seeing this Harper's Bazaar piece close up; she's a wonder with a scalpel!

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Christmas Open House catalogue

  • AOH Catalogue cover

We've just picked up the catalogues for the Christmas Open Houses and wow - there's some great stuff going on! We're number 50 on the trail - be sure to pay us a visit! You can see the catalogue in an interactive pdf thing or visit the AOH website

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Alice Pattullo @ Wem Town Hall

  • Exhibition Poster

October 27th – December 22nd 2012 Wem Town Hall, 28 - 32 High Street, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5DG.

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Performance Sunday!

  • Performance Sunday

On Sunday 27th May AT welcomes you to Performance Sunday! Performances at 3pm and 4pm. Last year's sunny garden-based event was so well received that we simply had to ask poets Lonny Pop and Deborah Tyler Bennett and artist Josephine Dimbleby to join us again. Deborah Tyler-Bennett is a widely published poet who weaves overheard conversations, historical detail and eccentric characters in her wry depictions of the English dandy, faded glamour, princely excess and dirty stop-outs. Gonzo Poet Lonny Pop brings colour, joy, mythology and mischief to her poems and stories. Lonny is a member of local writing and[...]

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Lovely writeup on Digital Bungalow

  • Digital bungalow banner

We're great fans of Digital Bungalow, purveyors of all things lovely - and fine fellows, too. So we were thrilled to see a writeup of our open house on their blog, along with some rather fantastic photographs. Finally something to do those cakes justice! They recommend visiting us for the final weekend. You probably should take their advice. What with their impeccable taste and all. Read their super post here

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Welcome mat

  • Beatty Hallas

On Sunday, our friend Beatty Hallas was a welcome mat of sorts. Beatty is an artist who is interested in 'public affirmations' - ways people interact, respond, make things better - how they look after one another. For the open house, she stood like a sentry in our doorway, welcoming people. Nothing more, nothing less, and let interactions and conversations happen naturally. More information about Beatty can be found at and be sure to pick up or download one of her[...]

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Lou Taylor Papercutting Workshops

  • Carmen Miranda

Inspired by Lou's amazing work? You can learn techniques from the artist herself at her workshop at Super+Super Over 3 weeks, Lou will introduce you to the delicate and endlessly imaginative uses of paper, including some of her favourite paper artists such as Mary Delaney, Mr Snippy, Zim & Zou and Fred Butler. Lou will introduce you to the basics of papercutting, learning how to (safely!) use a Swann and Morton blade, your imagination and bright paper to create striking images and illustrations.ou to the techniques of paperweaving and how to[...]

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Mid-term report

Goodness me, we've just finished our second weekend! With barely time to breathe, the ol' blog's been neglected - so here's a quick update on how it's all been going: Week 1 Horrid weather! Friendly people! Great work! Fun! Cake! Week 2 Lovely weather! Friendly people! Great work! Fun! Cake! The future can't be told. But hopefully the important stuff will stay the same regardless of the weather. Did you say you wanted pictures? Thank goodness: Our living room with silver rings by Winsome and Saucy, paintings by Natalie Martin and Cushions by Mr. Wingate Some lovely[...]

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@atopenhouse tweets:

Gorgeous cabinet of silver, rubber and vinyl from Oxx Jewellery showing in atopenhouse in May.

Putting up some jimbotfuzz for AT Open House

Busy busy making badges this evening! What badges you say? You'll need to visit atopenhouse to find…

Great to see @inkyskipper today hanging her lovely work - our @artistshouses Open House is taking shape already!

@hellohelloDODO woohoo! can't wait to see what you've been beavering away on! :)