Mid-term report

Goodness me, we've just finished our second weekend! With barely time to breathe, the ol' blog's been neglected - so here's a quick update on how it's all been going:

Week 1
Horrid weather! Friendly people! Great work! Fun! Cake!

Week 2
Lovely weather! Friendly people! Great work! Fun! Cake!

The future can't be told. But hopefully the important stuff will stay the same regardless of the weather.

Did you say you wanted pictures? Thank goodness:

Our living room with silver rings by Winsome and Saucy, paintings by Natalie Martin and Cushions by Mr. Wingate

Some lovely single-colur screen prints by Petting Zoo Prints and Collectables and one of Alice Pattullo's wonderful screen prints



Knitwear by Winsome and Saucy, and a Smörgåsbord of skulls, badges and comics from various talented artists showing here

Shona Macdonald took this shot and a few of the above. Birds courtesy of the achingly talented Snorkus, Knitwear by Winsome and Saucy and bags by Love Hove

Delicious Industries not only creates beautiful Letterpress wares but also makes some irresistably delectable cakes. Mark Pavey's inspirational Manifesto print in the background.

Alice Pattullo's Alphabet of Superstitions prints on our old school desk - B for Bees...E for the Evil Eye...Z for Zodiac!

Intricate papercuts by Lou Taylor and Shona Macdonald's photography

Smaller wonders on our sales desk - Carlos Garde-Martin's great Starry-eyed skull keeps making me smile!

Some more eclectic prints and cards

Mark Pavey kindly did some impromptu chalk writing for our blackboard

The blueberry cake was delicious! So was the chocolate cake. And the ginger loaf... I'm noticing a pattern.

Erin's work 'Blackened' sits so well atop the stairs

...and Rhys Trussler has actually painted our stairway!

Snorkus's cats are just waiting to be taken home - come meet them next week!

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@atopenhouse tweets:

Good luck to all the @artistshouses opening today. We will be coming to see you! And @atopenhouse will be back next year!!
@iamacrylic @artistshouses @mrwingatelondon @designosaur Lovely post! Will miss running an open house this year but will be back!
@ibikebrighton Hello Mark. I wanted to get in touch with you about an exhibition. Can you email me at [email protected] ? Thank you.
@babalynne lovely to see you! Our web shop's still open for bandstands :) goo.gl/KQiXK3 mwahaha! pic.twitter.com/7MHEJJKpks